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Exactly What You’ll Find in “It’s Definitely Breast Cancer”

For those asking what topics are discussed in the book, below is a list of the chapters.  The resource chapters are filled with questions you will want to go over with each doctor or specialist on your treatment team (surgeon, reconstruction specialist, oncologist, etc.)   Other chapters are a reflection of the physical and emotional impact of cancer.  The book is designed as a… Continue reading Exactly What You’ll Find in “It’s Definitely Breast Cancer”


Why are you reading this?

If you're scanning the pages of this blog or reading my book you may have been diagnosed with cancer, you may have a family member or friend who was diagnosed or you may be struggling with fear for any life changing event.  Whatever your reason, I'm so glad you're here! I've spent the last four (+) years having… Continue reading Why are you reading this?

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The Process of Writing

As you probably know by now, over four years ago I started writing about breast cancer.  I wrote about the emotional roller coaster of breast cancer, the pros and cons of chemo, the complications from surgery, the side effects (and potential remedies) of treatment and finally the "accident" (still not exactly sure how to label that event).  During this… Continue reading The Process of Writing

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A Book & A Blog!

When I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in the summer of 2012, the doctors gave me notebooks filled with information that, honestly, I had no energy to sort through. Right from the beginning I wrote--I wrote about the surgeries, treatments, side effects, medicines, emotions, and the day-to-day life of breast cancer. And then… Continue reading A Book & A Blog!