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Exactly What You’ll Find in “It’s Definitely Breast Cancer”

For those asking what topics are discussed in the book, below is a list of the chapters.  The resource chapters are filled with questions you will want to go over with each doctor or specialist on your treatment team (surgeon, reconstruction specialist, oncologist, etc.)   Other chapters are a reflection of the physical and emotional impact of cancer.  The book is designed as a take along guide to any appointment as you determine your treatment path.  It also serves as encouragement and guidance all the way through the years following your diagnosis.

  • It’s Definitely Cancer
  • Triple Negative // My Perceived Death Sentence
  • Meet Your Treatment Team
  • Questions to Ask Your Treatment Team
  • Mastectomy // My Mantra – “Thank you, Jesus, for healing!”
  • What to Expect After Surgery // The Human Octopus Phase
  • Understanding Your Pathology Report
  • Weeks Leading up to Chemo Treatment // The Road to Chemo
  • Encouragement for the Chemo Bound
  • Chemotherapy Basics
  • First Chemo Treatment // Dancing with the Red Devil
  • Importance of a Second Opinion
  • How to Wear a Wig . . . on a Rollercoaster
  • Appearances Can Be Deceiving If You Try Hard Enough
  • Nutrition During and After Treatment
  • A Little Motivation from One Mom to Another
  • Typical Panera Mom
  • The Wonderful World of Uneventful // Prognosis . . . “Good”
  • Genetic Testing
  • Body and Mind Connection
  • Controlling the “What If” Monster // Scripture and Cupcakes are a Powerful Combination
  • The Bone Scans
  • Things People Do and Say (or Shouldn’t Do and Say)
  • You Won’t Believe What  Happened Next
  • Whatever Normal Means
  • Breast Cancer Support Resources
  • Glossary of Terms and Definitions

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