Worry or not

Two days ago I had my quarterly check-up with my oncologist.  She did her usual exam and (praise God) said nothing seemed abnormal  (if you’ve had a life altering diagnosis you know check-ups can be nerve wrecking).

As she moved to my right side, she noticed a mole.  She asked if I saw a dermatologist or had regular check-ups.  I explained that once a year I have a full body look over (yep, that’s as fun as it sounds).  As she examined the small brown spot, she said “it’s probably nothing but we need to have it checked” (I’ve heard those words before).  She went on to tell me it has signs suspicious of melanoma.  She said she would have the nurse call immediately to get an appointment.

Sooooo should I believe “it’s probably nothing” and not worry or should I do as I so often do and worry? Philippians 4 tells us “be anxious for nothing”.  Unfortunately, that’s not always easy…but I’m trying.

Please say a prayer and stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Worry or not”

  1. You have another person praying for you… I consider it a privilege to pray for specific needs or general requests. After all God knows what is in each heart and exactly what each person needs! He IS in Control. You are very aware of that .. Prayers, Hugs and the Love that God gives us to share with one another are for you .. (Gia’s grandmonther)


    1. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your encouragement.
      I’m sure you know but…your granddaughter is amazing! I was so blessed to work with her to bring this book to life but now I’m even more blessed that we’ve become great friends! I love and respect your precious granddaughter so much. Thanks again for your encouragement and prayers.

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