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The Process of Writing

As you probably know by now, over four years ago I started writing about breast cancer.  I wrote about the emotional roller coaster of breast cancer, the pros and cons of chemo, the complications from surgery, the side effects (and potential remedies) of treatment and finally the “accident” (still not exactly sure how to label that event).  During this time, life was busy.  As you know, sometimes life gets crazy busy.  Because of this, it took a couple of years before I could begin to explore publishing.

Once time allowed, I researched traditional publishing, self publishing and everything in between.  One of my closest friends told me about a young woman she had worked with a few years earlier that was now an editor at a publishing company.  All it took was one meeting and I knew Gianetta (Gia) was the person I wanted to work with to bring this book to life.

Gia and I trudged through countless pages of research and notes.  We read, edited and reviewed for over a year.  As with most projects, this process took longer than we anticipated.  We both hoped to have the book available earlier but, because life does happen, there were delays.  However, I’m so excited that the final copy of the book will be available soon!  As always, please feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like to talk in more detail.

Please stay tuned for the release date!



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